Friday, October 29, 2004

No news Friday

If you want to know what John F. Kerry stands for, listen to this.

In case you were wondering, Sen. Tom Harkin is certifiable...nutso.

I really don't have a whole lot else. I do find it funny what people are willing to have phone conversations about in public places. I'm sure everyone has had a eyebrow raising moment at a restaurant or store because of a unfortunate cell phone call. Many times I can't help but hear co-workers as they argue or become quite annoyed with family members. Today, as I was exiting my building for lunch, I hear the security guard talking on his phone in a very animated voice. The lobby of this particular office building has marble floors and lots of glass so it's acoustics are not what one would describe as library-esque. In the short 2-3 seconds that it took me to get from the elevator to the front door I hear this bouncing around the room,"You just go around and hate people and you don't have any reasons. Just give me one reason..." ...O...K...? Wow, the mind races. Hopefully the person on the end of the phone wasn't in the process of hating him. He seems nice enough. But the fact he was willing to cross the lines of polite, civil behavior to make such a query suggests otherwise. I wanted to stop and give him some advice. Sure he's almost twice my age, but as someone who is known widely as the most unlikeble man on the face of the earth, that question is never gonna work out for you. Also, people don't need a reason to hate. People are people. (..."so why should it be, that you and I would get along so awfully?..." Everybody!) Sorry.

Also, I feel compelled to say,"I hate Halloween." Not for any sort of religious reason. I actually think the whole "we'll call it Fallfest, or Harvest party, or some other obligatory church/school creation with a name that draws attention to the color of the leaves and make every attempt not to use the word Halloween in any form" to save the children from the "evil" effects of All Hallow's Eve is a little silly. Kids can understand make believe. I grew up calling it Halloween and still did not feel compelled to worship Satan. Or trees. Nor do I think any human can fly on a broom. Speaking of growing up. I hated Halloween as a kid, too. The same drama seemed to play out every year as I would decide I was not participating in the Trick...or Treating while my little sister grew more impatient as my mom attempted to remind me of all I would be missing. I would then capitulate, but only so the tension would end... and for the candy. I still hated it. I hated dressing up. Still do. Costumes hold no allure for me. Plus, I wasn't fond of having to beg for the candy either. Not much of a beggar. I really wanted to just look up at the patronizing adult and say,"If you want to give me the candy, you see the plastic pumpkin. If not, fine. I don't really need your candy." But I didn't. I played the part. Smiled and took my wages for looking like a fool. Sister happy, Mom happy. Halloween another 364 days away. Man, I hate Halloween.

On that note. Have a good weekend...and a happy Halloween.

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