Monday, November 01, 2004

Relief Eve

Well, tomorrow the votes will be cast. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will know who will be taking an oath in January. But it just wouldn't be my blog without a couple of these types of notes.

#1 In a shocking development. A new study released today indicates that (you're not gonna believe this) the media really hates Bush. By their own admission, most lefties don't have much of an affinity for Kerry, yet we get,"...John Kerry is getting the most favorable network news coverage of any presidential candidate in the past quarter century." More than Clinton? But everybody loved Clinton. Oh yeah, I forgot, John F. Kerry has a plan.

#2 (Also media related) Apparently, the Bin Laden tape said more than we were originally told. (HT: Powerline) Isn't this news? The fact that he didn't just say don't vote Bush, but that he said states that are tinted red on Nov. 3 should expect a visit from some "martyrs"?

#3 (Recurring theme?) I been reluctant to say anything since I heard this rumor several weeks ago, but it's getting more play. It would seem that there's now some evidence that Kerry did receive a less than honorable discharge. If the media really wanted a pre-election bombshell, that would seem to fall into the category. But it falls short on one key requirement...It must damage a Republican. We all know what CBS et al., have done with little to back up their claims about Bush's National Guard duty. How loud would they be crying if Bush then wouldn't release his military records? Which reminds me...

#4 (Maybe) NBC seems to have done some clever editing of a Kerry interview. Go here to get a quick run-down. Didn't he say in the first debate he had released all his records?

#5 (OK, trending that way, yes) Walter Cronkite is nutso...despite this moment of clarity.

#6 (Reprieve? Sorta.) If you need evidence that polling is a tad inexact just note the fact that in a poll of Wisconsin over the weekend Zogby has Kerry with a 7 point lead, Gallup has Bush with an 8 point lead. Those would both seem to be out of the margin of error. Obviously, someone is in error here. Also, in Pennsylvania, Gallup has Bush up 4, Kerry up 5. Run with that "data."

OK, I'm done, except for a possible bonus photo blog. Only one more day of pre-election tension. I'm really gonna miss it.

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