Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Top 10 songs of 2011 that you shouldn't not be listening to.

So, this is really happening.  Mainly, I just felt like telling you about music. Then I remembered I already had this blog set-up and...voilĂ ! New blog post. Yes, it's weak. Yes, it's short. Yes, it's basically just a list. But it's better than nothing, no? Whatever. Anyway, I think I just killed the "things I don't understand" meme(is it a meme if it's just me?), but you'll live...probably. So, without out further ado, here's my Top 10 songs of 2011. In order. Maybe. I believe these were all released in 2011, and they all in some way bore themselves into my brain. Some are popular, most are not. I'm guessing there's several you've never heard of. Some are deep or depressing or meaningful or uplifting or just flat out catchy (despite their troubling topic. See: Foster the People). But I think they're pretty, pretty good.  Here's a Spotify link of the whole list for your listening pleasure.

10. Pumped up Kicks - Foster the People
 This song took over the world. Only some people stopped to realize what it might be about.

 9. Mission Bells - The Apache Relay
  This is one of those bands that I just happened upon. They may even be Christian. Despite that, this is just one of those swelling, soaring songs that get me.

8. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
  I don't know. I just like it. And I think it says something. And in a way that's very listenable. It might be my anthem. Hell, in one way or another all these songs are probably my anthem.

  7.  Keep Your Eyes Open - NEEDTOBREATHE
   More Christian. Like for real. So making decent music is not completely beyond the genre. Which is good to know...I guess.

  6. Birds - The Submarines
  I saw this duo open up for Eels at The Grenada this summer. This song was embedded deep within my skull for a good while.

5. Putting the Dog to Sleep - The Anlers
  I really love this song. It's one of those I listened to, thought it was good, then looked at the title and thought, "What?", then I listened about 50 more times. It's really about that. But is still awesome.

4.  Shake it Out - Florence + the Machine
  A very late edition, but another one I could. not. stop. listening. to. Plus, Florence kinda does something for me. I'm convinced that she's the quirkier, artsier version of Adele. Which I like...more than Adele.  Also, I feel there's a pretty strong religious angle working if you listen.

3.  Couer D'alane - The Head and the Heart
  Technically, this one came out in 2010 but only 2 weeks before 2011 started so it's in. Saw these guys this spring. It only confirmed what their record seemed to suggest. Awesome. Honestly, it was hard to pick just one song off this album. Any of the last three artists really. But that's what I do for you, "...the things people will do for the ones that they love."

2. Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars
  To say this duo exploded in 2011 would be an understatement of epic proportions. Plus, they've got it. Whatever it is. Music is good.

1. We Will All Be Changed - Seryn
  I listened to this song the first time in about March, bought their album...then proceeded to catch them live 5 times before the summer ended. Yeah. Like I said, almost any song on their album is worthy of this list. You should probably listen to it yourself...maybe 50 times. Not that I know what that's like...