Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

Well, here we are again. I know you probably think I'm feigning shock every time something like this happens. But each instance makes me more incredulous that an organization cannot learn from previous, well documented, mistakes. I speak of the newest media scandal. CBS, NYTimes, 60 minutes, missing explosives, blah, blah, blah. You can get good analysis if you go here, here, or here. The part that bothers me the most, check that, one aspect that I don't think will get the proper attention is the fact that the Kerry campaign already had a new ad ready to go corresponding to this "report"...just like last time with "Favorite Son." Another thing is that there seems to be a lot of chumminess between news organizations that I thought were competing with each other.....and then with the Democratic party...but like I said, just more of the same. Ho-hum.

Ok, so in response to a request not to write about what I just wrote about, a PSA for one dude who I just had an hour long conversation about the exact topic which I stumbled upon. ( HT - instapundit) Gay marriage. A new NYTimes article states that, "Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions" Even though I'm just now reading this, it seems very similar to my own position on the topic. My position in a nutshell. I believe marriage is a religious institution. Ergo, homosexuals cannot be "married". But the government recognizes marriage and, I believe, confers certain privileges to those that are married. If others who are not married want those same privileges, I guess there should be a way to get them. But it's not called marriage, because that is between a man and a woman.(Go here for a decent review)

Of course, none of this seems to tackle the real issue for me. That would be should government, especially at the federal level, be involved with marriage? I would say no. But I'm guessing that ship has already sailed.


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