Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I don't understand #68...

...The deal with bands that have rabbit in their name.

I would like to apologize. Not for your boredom or the lack of activity here or my general uselessness. You see, I've realized recently that I'm one of those people. Not one of the people who says they'll help you move and then "forgets" to show up, or one of those people that mows and edges the lawn and then doesn't sweep the sidewalks(my grandfather would wring my neck). No, I'm one of those people who lets their own interest in a particular topic or movement override their decision making which causes them to continually attempt to proselytize their friends until they reach an appropriate level of enthusiasm. I see now that it's hopeless. And fruitless. All my suggesting at parties what we really should be listening to, all my non sequiturs about bad and/or overrated popular music, all my homemade sampler cd's, all my making fun of other people's musical tastes--ok, strike that one-- but all the rest are over. Done.

You may be asking, "Well, what's this?" Well, this is my blog. You came here. I'm not shoving it in you face. Heck, if you don't care about music, there's a good chance you already stopped reading. Here, I can still tell you about bands you should probably be listening to for no other reason then I want to. And you can ignore it at your peril. So speaking of bands and rabbits. I've got two videos for your listening and viewing enjoyment. The first is from White Rabbits of NYC. And then we have Frightened Rabbit. Despite the fact they're lyrics can be...challenging and sometimes laced with profanity, I really like what they're dealing. Maybe it's the fact they're Scottish. But I hope you enjoy this acoustic number.

So you're welcome...and I love you...and I'm sorry.

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Music Video from White Rabbits on Vimeo.