Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Quick hits

Two quick notes in case you missed them. If you did, why aren't you reading Drudge?

Uno. A middle school in New Jersey basically fired a teacher for displaying a photo of the current president (Bush) and the first-lady along side pictures of other presidents and a copy of the Constitution. She rebuffed demands by parents at a "Back to School" night to also add a picture of John F. Kerry. By doing so, her principal accused her of spreading "inflammatory politics", told her to leave and took away her keys. Read, or better yet, watch the story here. Pay particular attention to the phrase painted above a walkway that the camera captures in a very dramatic pan.

Dos. John F. Kerry's running mate took time off from offering nuclear products to Iran to insult about half the country. He said: "I'd say if you live in the United States of America (Check!) and you vote for George Bush(Check![future tense]), you've lost your mind." (Oh...bummer) I guess it's possible that a Republican on a presidential ticket might have said something similar about a sitting President and/or opponent, but I can't think of it. And something tells me if it had happened the media would have told me, like a thousand-million times. I dare say if the roles were reversed, Edward's rhetoric would be described as "hate speech" that might have helped instigate this.

Oh well, 28 days until I lose my mind.

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