Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Nuisance of the Media

Maybe I've just been looking at it all wrong. Maybe John F. Kerry is on to something here. I can't expect to change the media, just push it to the back burner. But before I reach that state of "nirvana", a simple question. Why wasn't John Howard's victory in Australia reported? I guess it's just not news. All the major media punditry foreboding of what his loss might mean for Bush, now has no thoughts on if Howard's win means anything for Bush. I no doubt can guess what their answer would be.

Moving on...I've been reading some stuff today on the nature of the enemy (terrorist) and how Briton and others decided to pander to that morally devoid enemy in attempts to save the life of Kenneth Bigley before he was beheaded. The British government, Irish government, prominent Muslims, Yasser Arafat, and even the profound words of Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) were fruitless in their hopes of reasoning with the terror-mongers. The explaination that this peaceful wanderer's life presented no threat to there cause and did not deserve to die was not enough. What they failed to realize was, as The Belmont Club pegged, "...[n]ot only is it impossible to put a rational construction on these events, it is a waste of time to try. Bigley thought he was too old; the school children in Beslan thought they were too young; the French journalists thought they were too French to be the victims of terrorism. And they were wrong. Wrong because they assumed that enemy intent rather than capability was the limiting factor to their mayhem. It is an odd statistical fact that fewer Americans have died from terrorist attacks in Iraq than Iraqi children...and not because the terrorists are eager to "show the world the justice and mercy which Islam teaches us" but because they cannot kill more." (Read the whole article here.)

I think this is a truth that the esteemed John F. Kerry will always fail to grasp. He thinks talking will buttress our safety because sooner or later we can assuage the "root" of the problem. Terrorism is not "prostitution and illegal gambling", or even drug trafficking. The evil that is manifested because of those problems is because of greed. Their intent is to attain money. Terrorists only care about money because it can assist them to kill more. If they cared more about something other than making sure that Islamic fascism was the law of the land, they would have let Mr. Bigley go. For showing mercy would given their "supporters" something to use, evidence that they can be reasoned with. But they don't. They see an infidel, and they only wish for one result, the consequences be damned.

Hopefully the consequence will be that the world sees that those who live by the sword, only understand the sword.

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