Monday, December 05, 2005

Football throughout the ages

So, my beloved Horns are gonna play for a national championship. They were able to eek past Colorado on Saturday. I am filled with an emotional cocktail of excitement, anticipation, and nervousness. But just because the BCS got it right this year (insert your preferred "blind squirrel" or "broken clock" joke here), does not mean my hatred has been reduced. And just because there is almost zero controversy this year, it doesn't mean we should let one of the worst championship systems in the history of sports skate.

If you were here last year, you already know my plan. If not, go read it...quickly! I feel I must add (or I guess remove) on little detail and then an explanation.

In my plan of a 16 team playoff, all champions of the 11 conferences get automatic bids. It may seem a little crazy to let the Sun Belt or even MAC winner in, but I believe it serves a purpose to have a similar effect that the basketball tournament has had. That being of leveling the playing field. No longer will the major or classic "power conferences" have a stranglehold on the chances to win. They'll still have most, but not all. That would not only raise the level of interest throughout the country, but, more importantly, give all small schools and small conferences a chance. A chance to win, a chance to been seen, a chance to recruit. Without a tournament, I'm not sure anyone would know or care about Gonzaga, but they do now. I would hope that similar stories could play out in football.
So now, without further delay, the mythical play-off that would occur in 2005.
Mythical 2005 NCAA Playoff Bracket (BSC ranking; or AP if not in BCS)

#1 USC (1)
#16 Arkansas St (NR)

#8 Miami, FL (8)
#9 Auburn (9)

#4 Ohio St. (4)
#13 Boise St. (28)

#5 Oregon (5)
#12 Fla. St. (22)

#3 Penn St. (3)
#14 Tulsa (35)

#6 Notre Dame (6)
#11 TCU (14)

#7 Georgia (7)
#10 West Virginia (11)

#2 Texas (2)
#15 Akron (NR)