Wednesday, October 13, 2004


There's some interesting stuff in the news. Most on which I care not to comment...instead close your eyes and comment to yourself. (If it seems good, re-close your eyes and imagine you read it here.)

I did see these, though. Look at this. (funny?) Then this. (Same question.)

Without commenting on the possible(probable) offensive nature. Once again, just ask yourself the question(Man, your having to do a lot a work today). If the subject depicted in those works were Democrats, would you have to come to some spare blog to find out about it? (I just walked to the window, and oddly enough, a flock of geese were flying by in a formation that read,"NO!" Talented, those geese. Very media savvy, too.)

Oh, and one last note. I may be switching my vote. After John Edward's remarks yesterday on how medical science could be transformed, my chances of playing Major League Baseball may not be over if John F. Kerry becomes President. He knows how to improve humans...what a maroon.

The "artist" of the political cartoon linked above, Jeff Danziger, has removed it from his site. Also, shockingly, he's sydicated by the New York Times Syndicate. They have also removed it from their site and apparently replaced it with a photo of a black man...odd. Anyway, here's a link to a site that had the cartoon saved.

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