Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debate, and debate about debates

Well, that was something. Sitting on my couch, with the occasional quick check of the ballgame, I scored that one in the Cheney column. Some people think that Edwards won, even won big. But I didn't see that debate. Those that say such things (Andrew Sullivan), say it was because "Edwards came off as by far the more appealing, persuasive and eloquent figure." I might give him appealing just based on the fact that Edwards is young and somewhat attractive compared to Cheney's somber, dour ways. But persuasive? He said Kerry had been consistent for gosh sakes. And eloquent? Where?!

I feel that Cheney made several key points that were missing from the last debate. Mainly, Msr. Kerry and Edwards voting record or lack thereof. Basically, they have a problem showing up for work, and when they do, you wish they hadn't. A quick look as something so generic as the Yahoo! political pages tell you all you need to now about how often they show up and vote. First Edwards, then Kerry. "NV" would seem to indicate there was "No vote" from that particular person. Just as a contrast, I checked my own representatives, and neither of my Senators or my Congressman missed a single vote. If these guys win, will it just be a constant race to get to the sign-up sheet for Camp David?

In other news, another Bush office was attacked. Apparently, momentarily sieged. Union members ransacking political opponents offices? Does anyone else think of the word "Nazi"? Probably just me. But if this is a trend, it's a disturbing one. And where's the hate police on this one? Busy trying to figure out how trashing an office in protected by the 1st Amendment, I'm sure.

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