Monday, October 25, 2004

The more things change....

Quick Hits!

In shocking, shocking news, Kerry lied. He lied in the 2nd debate about meeting with various members of the UN security council. Couple of problems...well mainly one, they weren't there,"Around the big table" as Kerry is want to claim.( HT - Little Green Footballs

In other shocking, shocking news, Kerry lied. He lied about being at a baseball game. Game 6 of the '86 World Series when he was actually still in Boston (the game was at Shea) at a fundraiser or somesuch. This one really offends me. I can understand (somewhat) a politico fibbing about something that they did that might prove a certain point or show them more qualified...blah, blah, blah. But about baseball? Good God man! Have you no shame?! Both of these cases do display one of Kerry's scarier abilities. To lie about something that is easily verifiable. Ain't Lexis/Nexis a Be-outch.

Moving along...following my post that some members of the media just don't get Christianity; one in which I wrote, "[s]incere religious belief is the first sign of mental weakness for them," we get this. (HT - Lileks) Bill Maher thinks anyone who believes in God is nuts and/or knuckle dragging dumb. Shocker.
"To me, to me it's a real dividing line between people of intelligence and -- not that there haven't been some intelligent people who are religious. I mean, T.S. Elliott was a great poet and he became a very devout Catholic... But I always call religion a neurological disorder. I really do believe that. I mean it's not criticizing. I'm just saying if you took religion out of it and somebody went to a psychiatrist and said you know I believe in you know this crazy, illogical thing, the shrink would say, well you have a neurological disorder. And you need to really get therapy or take a pill."

He's not criticizing, though. He also thinks Canadians should be glad they're not Americans. So go figure.

Next on the hit parade. "The Guardian", of Brit fame, had some sort of pseudo-media column endorsing the assassination of President Bush. They took down the article, go read it here. And here to read the weak apology. Even if it is a joke, which I might concede, it still shouldn't be dispersed by a news organization. If it's a really unfunny joke, that is offensive and makes you wander if the teller of said joke is right in the head, it shouldn't be made anywhere. Much less defended. Which is what is happening. There are some things which no one should have a sense of humor, and this would seem to fall into that category. And even if you do, rest assured the Secret Service does not.

Not so quick hits...over.

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