Friday, October 08, 2004

Back in the Prediction Business

First, sorry for the lateness of this post, if anyone even noticed...

Two predictions. One which only a few will care about. The Texas Longhorns will show up tomorrow. I expect a nail biter. And oh please, dear Lord, Texas will pull it out.

Number 2. Bush will win this debate tonight. He should be loaded for bear. Obviously, the media continues to paint this week's report as a bad thing for Bush. The problem is, in the end , it refutes everything that Kerry has been proposing as an option to the "Bush Doctrine." The U.N. is just as big a joke as CBSNews at this point. The curtain has been pulled back and the wizard has oil vouchers poking out of every pocket (I imagine something similar to the Monopoly guy, except instead of empty pockets, he's blushing as he cowers with his full pockets).

Kerry obviously doesn't get it. Or maybe he does, but has no recourse. There is only one way to deal with people (I use that term loosely) who view a school on the first day of classes as a strategic target, and school children as combatants. And that way is not by sitting down at any table, and not by hoping some mainland European naysayer changes their mind. I'm sorry, but anyone...ANYONE who thinks differently is a moron. Not capable of cogent, rational thought. Fascist tyrants are fascist tyrants for a reason. And it's not for their reasonableness. Terrorists are just fascist tyrants without a flag and an army behind them. Anyone who hopes Europe will step in and save the day should remember they have proven themselves to be proficient at handwringing and appeasement and that's about it. This whole argument is really quite foolish.

This is no longer a world that affords us the ability to deal exclusively with nations that care about the potential political fall-out. Terrorists and rogue nations driven by the urge to deal the "Great Satan" (aka USA) a debilitating blow don't care about such matters. In fact, most are already operating under sanctions and strained political relations. THEY DON'T CARE! But...but a dead terrorist is one that has a serious obstacle to overcome.

Whew...well, sorry for the, I'm not sorry, that felt good.

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