Thursday, October 14, 2004

19 Days until relief...

I didn't see the whole debate last night, basically the last half-hour. I then saw CNN's post-debate and bit of NBC's. Yuck. I especially enjoy their "Fact-checking" feature... As if they know how.

Let's just say there is a disagreement about who won or lost the debate. Shockingly, mass-media and their polls have it one way and pretty much everyone else saw it differently. When will the surprises end?

In other post debate news, Lynne Cheney is not happy. And I can't imagine her mood improving after Elizabeth Edwards responded. (HT: KerrySpot)
I'm gonna expect more media/Democratic hypocrisy, just like with the cartoons from yesterday (scroll down). No cries of outrage, no demands of an apology, just, "What's the big deal?"

Oh, and speaking of other ways in which Demos apply their high-minded ethics, we have this. Basically, the "Cry Wolf Strategy". Genius, if you don't mind 3rd grade level pettiness. Voter fraud, race-baiting, gay-baiting, and trashing of opposition offices...the party of the people, indeed.

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