Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Feeling Sorry for a Murderer or What happened to Pro-Choice?

In the past I discussed abortion and how life should be viewed. So, you can guess that after reading this story I was quite troubled.

Short version:
Woman (17 year-old girl) gets pregnant...with twins.
After 4 months decides she not so keen on the idea of carrying twins.
Starts an atheletic regimen that will induce a miscarriage.
Starts abusing her belly via punching and other methods to same end.
Admitting failure, enlists the help of her 19 year-old boyfried.
Over the course of a week, the boy stomps on the girl's stomach as she punches herself in a failed attmept to remove some of his culpbablity.
Girl miscarries.
He gets life for two counts of murder(prosecutors chose not to seek the death penalty).
The girl gets...nothing

Uh, what? Don't get me wrong, this guy's an idiot and a murderer. But so is the "mother". More so. As I understand it, if one hires for murder they are usually more culpable than the person that commits the act...or at least equally so. The girl has admitted to all of it, yet she walks free.

I guess my question is...well, my question after asking "What heck has happened to this world?" question is where are all the pro-choice supporters? Where are these people? After all, isn't that what the girl did? Exercise her choice.

She didn't want to have the babies. It is her choice, is it not? She found means to terminate the pregnacy. To abort it. So why isn't NOW on the case? Where's the blasted ACLU? I need someone to explain to me how you can be pro-choice and not think this guy should be walking free. Something tells me you can't.

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