Monday, June 20, 2005

From which I came...

I was preparing today's post about my hometown upon having visited the little burg (pop. 14,000) this weekend for Father's Day. I was going to supply examples of entertaining insight such as every cute girl you see when walking through Wal-Mart (Yes, I went. Yes, it's required. Yes, that is where you go to see anyone in this town...) is either (A) great with child or (B) already pushing one or two around in a shopping cart. But, as I was preparing to supply you a link to our local newspaper (their ability to identify and report actual news will always be in question, and yes, I do know the family on the front page...went to church with 'em, played b-ball and taught the kids in Bible study) I struck pure internet gold. For at the top of the page is a large button that says click here to go to the photo gallery. I did. Then you see that this little fish of the fourth estate offers copies of photos for a small fee. In this case the only offering is for the 2005 Gainesville High Prom. My alma mater, God bless her. Just so you know. Prom is a very big deal in G-ville. Too big. I despised it while there, loathe it now that I'm gone. Or is it vice-versa? Anyway, not only do they decorate the inside of Civic Center in that year's particular theme; they typically create a faux facade to really bring the theme home. I remember one year as a child the theme having something to do with a riverboat resulted in a fake riverboat with a giant rotating paddle. My senior year, the theme was something medieval. So, or course, it looked like a castle with a drawbridge complete with fake dragon expelling smoke periodically. Yes, I know, we are all insane. Oh, yes... you should also know that they erect bleachers so parents and other interested parties (I would estimate at least 100 or more than the attended any high school baseball game in which I played) can watch as couples enter the prom and are announced. That's right, announced.

So, without further delay I give you the link. From the ten pages of fun you may have such reactions as:
1. Apparently the white tux is making a comeback...
2. Dude, you are not that cool...and no, the hat does not have me feelin' ya. (#24)
3. Dude, pink? felt? jacket?...with jeans? (#26)
4. Flaunting in the face of the "Bare midriff rule"? Bold. (#29)
5. Dude, your date's got like a foot on you...
6. Are you sure she's in...high school? Not Grad school?
7. Repeating...Dude you are not that cool (#22, 60, 70, 78, 82, 122, 123, 139)
8. Sunglasses, huh? It's 9:30...PM!!!
9. Apparently coxcomb is not an SAT word.

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