Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Corporate folly

Just like most other people (especially guys), I like pizza. Unlike some, I like Papa John's pizza. I actually agree with their claim, the ingredients do seem better. It's also quite tasty rewarmed in the oven. But sadly, I don't forsee me having that particular brand of pizza pie ever again. After one service gaffe after another, I have thrown in the towel and trimmed the "pizza place fat". To make that official, I sent Papa John's customer service a little email letting them know why I would not being dialing them up next time I need a large pepperoni. Of course, here it is for your reading enjoyment.
I just thought I would take the time to inform you that after several incidents I will no longer be ordering pizza from Papa John's. I came to this conclusion after the most recent problem in a collection that can be epitomized by the three I will describe below.
Event #1: A few months back, while at a friend’s house, it was decided to order pizza from Papa John's. I am currently a resident of Dallas, TX, as is my friend. After having to deal with being put on hold multiple times, which seems to be a staple of Papa John's customer service, I placed my order and gave the address. I was then advised that I would need to call another location. I did. Went through the same procedure, and was told I would have to call a third location. I did again. This time I began the call by asking if they would deliver to my location. I was informed that no, they did not, and I should call…the first location. I informed them that I had already called that restaurant and they stated they did not deliver to the address (in 75238 zip code), this location(third) assured me they (first location) had been mistaken and I should just call them back. So, I recall the first location. Tell them my story, and am the told that I will not be able to get a pizza from Papa John’s at my current location. Period. Yes, you live in big city full of Papa John’s, but no, we don’t provide you that “service”. Despite the fact that there are currently 3 locations within 3 miles of the house, no pizza. So I gave up.

Event #2: Last Saturday (6/4), I decided once again to try to order from Papa John’s. I am immediately put on hold. After several minutes, I am asked for my order, but in mid-sentence asked to be put on hold again and it is done before I can answer. I am then disconnected. I try to call back, after 7 to 10 rings and no one answering I give up.

Event #3: Being a glutton for punishment I attempt again this Saturday (6/11) to order a pizza from the same establishment (Abrams Rd). Once again I’m put on hold no less than 5 times, all while I was in mid-sentence. I’m attempting to order a singular large pizza for which I have a coupon. When I inform the employee of such, she asks for a coupon code, which I correctly supply and she responds that said coupon doesn’t exist. After several minutes of debate over the authenticity of the coupon and the veracity of my bold claim, I suggest that I just supply the coupon in hand when I pick up the pizza that is a requirement of said coupon. She relents. I wait 30 of the 35 to 40 minutes I was informed it would take to prepare such pizza, which, by the way, is about 20 minutes longer than my local pizza place of which I will now be an exclusive customer. So I make the 3-minute trip to the Papa John’s storefront. I arrive and am asked if I’m early, for my pizza doesn’t appear to be ready. After a more detailed search, it is discovered that my pizza is currently being delivered…to my home…where no one is currently present. It’s takes several more minutes to reach said pizza courier for, apparently, no one at the location had a way to reach him. After crossing that hurdle and yet another wait for the driver to return, my pizza is supplied. I pay, using the authentic non-existent coupon, and leave with my pizza. And while I guess it could not be characterized as cold, it would also not meet the criterion of “piping hot”.

Honestly, after writing this down, I wonder why I kept trying. I have no plans of ever being a member of Papa John’s frustrated customer base again, but figured if a concerned, dedicated management type trying to feign diligence existed, they might like to know.

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