Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What I should look for in a mate

In my daily traversing of the vast expanse know as the Internet, I come across many things. I check stocks and scores, my email, news and blogs. Many times a blog will send me to another blog or even a news story by any number of reputable members of the fourth estate. I'm sure any person who spends some idle moments on the "Web" has had an instance where you were expecting one thing but were instead found expelling a "Whoops," while covering the screen with the hand not feverishly clicking the mouse. I've even had such an event occur as my boss stood by spelling exactly the URL I should try to access. Fun times.

The point? Well, recently I've had a similar experience when reaching the correct website. Like I check my email at Mail.com or read about the "Oil for Food Scandal" at the Washington Post website. The “offending” images are all adverts for an online dating service.
Hello there

The thing is, these pictures are, at least to me, very suggestive. Too suggestive. I'm not sure they want me to be concerned with the inner beauty of a prospective date. I'm assuming there's some there, but there's so much outward beauty to work through. Think I'm crazy? I might be. Just to be sure, and so you would not be confronted with the same situation as myself unexpectedly, I have assimilated a small collection of advertisements for
True.com. Just go here.
Come to Butthead.

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