Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Look Dude, We're all tired

I know in the past I probably violated some social mores when I mention the proceedings in my office's men's room. Like here, here, and of course here. But once again, something so remarkable happened that I feel you must be informed.

Yesterday, as I leave the office for my lunch break I stopped off in the little boy's room to ,you know, go. Well, when one finishes up at the urinal and turns to the sinks or where ever, you are facing the stalls. As anyone is aware, some public restrooms and their stalls are built better than others. Some don't have gaps which allow you to see through. Ours, of course, do. So as I turn I catch a glimpse of a man in the stall nearest the wall. He is seated. He is leaning against the wall. He is asleep. I washed my hands and left to grab bite while wondering what kind of person would want to sleep like that...in there.

I returned from lunch and headed back to the bathroom, probably about an hour and quarter or so later. And what do I see as I turn? Same dude, same stall. Still asleep!

Someone please give me an explanation. And no, he wasn't dead.

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