Monday, January 16, 2006

How I reacted to Texas winning the National Championship

...not that you care. As you may be aware, I am a somewhat devoted fan of the Texas Longhorns. No, I did not attend the school but because my Alma mater "competes" in Division III I think I have a strong argument that I retain all previous rooting privileges. That being, as long I can remember, I have rooted for two teams: the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns. So it is, with overwhelming anticipation, that I approached the Rose Bowl on Jan. 4.

I enjoyed the first half in a fairly calm manner and was more that content with the halftime score. I must admit that when USC scored to make it 38-26 in the fourth quarter I began preparing myself for the possibility that Texas might not win. At that point, I consoled myself that the Longhorns had made a good showing and hadn't been run out of the stadium as some, if not most, predicted. It is in that same calm, grounded demeanor that I watched the rest of the game. Until...until that glorious 4th down stop with 2:09 left. Then the importance of the event I was witnessing via TV came crashing down on me. For I finally began to realize that there was a pretty decent chance that the Longhorns could be national champions. So, when this happened (see picture at right) I kinda started to lose it(losing it really not something I do). After the two-point conversion there were still 19 long seconds left. I was what best could be described as jittery (I usually don't get jittery). Then when Matt Leinart's last incompletion of his college career hit the ground and the clock showed zeros I stood with arms raised in complete exultation and screamed. Something to the effect of,"They won, they won, oh good God, they won." Then I just stood there dazed. I'm sure the people who didn't leave the watching party early (ahem) were saying things to me, but I didn't hear them. I finally lowered my hands after the ceiling fan had whacked them for the fifth time. I gave my two male compadres a hug. I wasn't sure whether I was gonna cry (I don't cry). I was numb. I then stayed up till 1 am watching highlights.

BTW, if anyone wants to watch the last 11 minutes of the game again I have it recorded (in HD no less). I've already re-watched it three times. It still makes me exceedingly happy. Now, take a moment and bow to the great one.

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