Tuesday, November 23, 2004

No news is good news...?

Hello. Been a couple of days...ok more like a week. But who's counting? Still don't have a lot.

Couple of things. Condi's now the Secretary of State. She's black and the 'she' part should give away that she's also a women. A Republican made it happen. Deal with it. I guess it's "possible" this is all just a ruse to hide the "obvious" fact that Republicans are racist. But would that not be the greatest example of cutting off your nose to spite your face ever? "We hate blacks, therefore we will appoint a black to the top foreign relation post in the land. Sure, they will be the face of the country to the rest of the world, but that means the racsism goes unnoticed a little longer." Make sense? To the liberal mind, sometimes it does.

Two. There is stuff swirling around about the French in the Ivory Coast. Apparently French soldiers decided to engage in a debate with chanting locals by means of bullets. There are different stories out there (HT - LGF). What does seem to be certain. There was a large crowd of Ivory Coast citizens protesting in front of a hotel that French troops with full weaponry and tanks were protecting. Shots were fired. People ended up dead, somewhere between 7 and 60. You can go here to see a video taken at the event. (You'll have to scroll down a bit.) It's rather long and not of very good quality. I'll give you a brief summary of what I saw when I viewed it. Large group chanting and singing. Some are shouting, pointing, even mooning the French soldiers, but classifying them as violent or threatening would be a gross overstatement from what I witnessed. They are separated by a street, at least one (maybe two) retaining wall(s) and about 75-125ft (my estimation). The troops mainly appear to be lazily lounging on the tanks and/or other light armored vehicles. More chanting/singing. Then a sound which I can't imagine would be anything other than gun shots. The crowd mostly hits the ground. Though the video quality is poor, I think smoke rising above the troops can be seen. Chaos. Women screaming. People running. Then you see people being carried. Various wounds, some which are rather benign, others I think can only be gun shot wounds. Skip to the end where you come to a scene of a group surrounding a body on the ground. The head of the body is a bloody mess. Not distiguishable. Some have described it as headless. I couldn't really disagree with that assessment.

The question. Where's the media? Where's Amnesty International? Where's the outrage? Something definitely happened here. Possibly even opening fire on people peaceably expressing their views. If it was news worthy in Tiananmen Square, why not here?

Finally, some people are displeased with the Target Corporation. Seems they told the Salvation Army to take their kettles and head on down the road. Lileks has one opinion. Hewitt has another. Can I agree with both? No? Ok, let me first say that I do find the kettles annoying. The bells, the forlorn look when I choose not to empty my pockets, the omnipresence during the Yuletide season. Yet, they are an organization that does good, or at least more good than harm. They are part of the holiday scene. And I think Hewitt's point that Target seems to be rather uncharitable during a season of charity which allows them to stay in business has some merit. The big question seems to be why. And the longer they wait, the likelihood of Target having a valid answer wanes. And the likelihood of Target being further down my list of shopping choices rises.


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