Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I told you I don't like resolutions

Well, with the election streaming into the distance, I feel as if a daily dose of me may be over medicating a bit. Therefore, while I will still post regularly, it will not necessarily be daily.

For today? Another possible "moment of truth found in unexpected places." The place? The season finale of "Six Feet Under". Yes, it ended months ago but the greatness of PVR/DVR/Tivo, whatever you want to call it, allowed me to view the series on my own terms with it's conclusion coming last night. This is a conversation in the final scene with one of the main characters (David) having a "conversation" with his dead father (Nate Sr.). Yes, it involves a "ghost", but what do expect from a show called "Six Feet Under?"
Nate Sr: You hang on to your pain like it means something. Like it's worth something. Well let me tell ya, it's not worth sh**. Let it go. [Talking to the air] Infinite possibilities and all he can do is whine.

David: Well what am I supposed to do?

Nate Sr: What do ya think? You can do anything ya lucky bastard, you're alive! What's a little pain compared to that?

David: [Sigh] It can't be so simple.

Nate Sr: What if it is?

Ah, what if it is...

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