Tuesday, November 02, 2004

T minus...

Well, within the next hour or so I will leave and attempt to cast my vote for various seats, including President. Hopefully, it will be without incident. Oddly enough, even though I still feel a tinge of tension, I'm starting to gain some optimistism about the results. The polls seem to be breaking that way (except for Zogby, who will be shown to either be a genius or a nut), many Republicans are feeling good, and Democrats are...well not so much. (HT - Captains Quarters)

Also, a point that I think has some merit:
When is the last time a sitting president was rejected by the public without everyone knowing in advance that it would happen? In 1992, everyone knew Bush was going to lose. Were people surprised by Carter's 1980 loss? Ford had a late surge in 1976, but, again, everyone had to know he was going to lose. Right now, at least in the polls, most people seem to think Bush will win.

Also: When is the last time that a candidate held a decisive advantage on the issues that likely voters generally regarded as the most important ones, and still lost?

If you haven't, you should check out Daschle's melt down. A particularly entertaining blow-by-blow account by a guy in the courtroom can be found here. (HT - Hugh & Powerline)

That's all for now. Attempt to suppress my vote at your own risk.

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