Monday, November 08, 2004

Me 0, Big Bag...

Well, I've got nothin today. Ok, maybe not nothing. But probably nothing in which you're interested.

Quick hitables...

#1. Question. Is James Dobson a bit unhinged? Before scurrying off to church Sunday morning, I caught "This Week" with George Snuffaluffagus. He was interviewing Dr. Dobson on Sen. Arlen Spector's comments about judiciary appointments earlier in the week. At one point, George questioned him on a statement he made about Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont. The quote?
"Patrick Leahy is a 'God's people' hater," Dobson said.
"I don't know if he hates God, but he hates God's people."

Hmmm. George then went on to ask if Dobson would be retracting/apologizing for the remark. None coming. He also asked whether these were the sort of remarks that should be coming from a "Christian leader" (I'm paraphrasing here, I can find no sort of transcript) and Big James responded by asking if George was the one who should be lecturing him on Christianity. Ok.

Personally, even though I may risk my membership in the "Christian Conservative" movement (Gasp!), I think Dr. Dobson crossed the line on both accounts. One, I can understand that if someone continually seems to side in opposition to anything that might be construed as positive for American Christians that someone else might tag them a "'God's people' hater". But...BUT, I don't think anyone should use that tag in public while someone with a pen/laptop and cell phone with a news organization on the other end is standing there. Maybe at night, you can mention it to your wife while lying in bed, "Honey, that Ted Kennedy is one heck of a 'God's people' hater!" It might even be true. But as a general rule, incendiary remarks are not beneficial for public political discourse, especially when they come from people who claim to speak for a religion that's purportedly in the business of loving one another. Two, you're probably not going to get that ranking on the top-ten most reasonable by challenging someone's moral authority when they question a statement you made in a newspaper. Especially when it starts to look like you think you do have moral authority. Know your audience is what I've always been told. And rarely is your audience comprised of those who can't wait to hear how they don't live up to God's standard. I think that's why the Bible is pretty heavy on that whole love your neighbor tip. Meet people's needs, physically, emotionally, whatever. Maybe even some longings, but show me the guy who's got "be labeled a Christian hater" on his Christmas list. All I'm saying is this might not be your key demographic to go after when you've been given a national stage where you can spread the "Good News." We should always speak the truth, and, like I said, he might be a 'God's people' hater. But there's only like 2 guys that know that for sure, and since Dr. James' surname isn't Leahy or Christ, he probably isn't 100% sure.

#2 (That 1st one was terribly un-quick) Hook'em. Quick picture painting. Your team has just given up a touchdown with 1:16 left in the FIRST HALF to go down 28 points. You alternate between shaking your head, holding it in your hands, and just grumbling to yourself. But then, they use that last minute or so of the half to score as the tight end uses all his strength to hold off two defenders and get the tip of the ball over the line. Only down 21. Hope holds a faint light. And before the 3rd quarter can end, the lead has been demolished. By the end of the game, so has the other team. Forty-nine unanswered points. A 28 point deficit has turned into a 21 point victory. Never believe them when they tell you it's over...or when they try to convince you that men can't fly.

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