Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Today, the day after yesterday

I've been fighting with the blog today, and it almost won. I made a late rally, though.

Pertaining to yesterday's news. CBS promising some sort of e-mail, or memo, or release. That was the morning....still waiting....probably don't want to be holding any breaths out there.

(TOPIC CHANGE!) Baseball...what to say. The Rangers are still in it, and that is the most unlikely of sports happenings. Yesterday was no good, though. Someone threw a chair. Very bad idea. Shouldn't have done it, no doubt. But we still only have one side of the story. Maybe the other side has nothing to offer, but athletes of this caliber are accustomed to this sort of annoyance, aren't they. To see veteran players and some coaches have to be restrained makes you think that the heckler's story is exactly fair and balanced.

And once again, let me reiterate, in no way do I condone the activity of throwing a chair into the crowd. But anyone who doesn't consider the fact that their arse could get kicked if they harass and berate someone for 3 straight hours is dumb at best. That's part of the rush for that sort of fan, they think they're impervious to counterattack. Would he do it to the bouncer at his favorite watering hole? No, he'd be a bloody mess on the pavement. But since he plopped down 30 bucks and the other guy is wearing a uniform with the name of a different place on it, he's got free reign.

I make it a point not to screw with certain groups of people. These groups include: guys bigger than me; policemen, especially when in uniform; athletes, except for maybe soccer players(they're wee); and anyone who has ever been in a war. Being a man to these groups of people can be very important. So acting surprised at a violent outcome when you question their manhood...? Yeah, who would've thunk it.

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