Thursday, September 23, 2004

Back up to the plate...

(I will now attempt a dual tie-in to the title.)
Glory, Glory! The fact that with their win last night my little Texas Rangers find themselves a mere 3 games out of first place with less than two weeks remaining in the season is staggering and source of something nearing pure delight. As you can see by the link at the left, I have a certain affinity for baseball. Because of that, I see this as just another proof there is a God. Not because "my team" is still in the race, nor the "miraculous" nature of this season, but because I am allowed to enjoy it and have my spirits buoyed by simply, a game. CHoP pitches today, though. A win today could approach apocalyptic.

(Attempt #2)
After re-reading yesterday's woeful "effort", I'm glad I get to step back in the box and try again (I didn't say it wouldn't be a stretch).

I have been pegged by a certain compadre as being partisan. Basically, that I support all things "Republican" and reject anything "Democratic." While I would dispute that, based on such examples as my abhorrence of term limits, I can not argue that recently I find no reason to lend any support to a Democrat...except Zell Miller, of course. The reason doesn't have as much to do with their beliefs (if they still have any) as it does with their tactics...scare tactics. I find them utterly despicable. They're usually targeted at some minority group or other category of the populace. The basis for the claims are typically some minute morsel of fact and always ignore some obvious incongruous aspect. Just yesterday a new one was torn out of the shrink-wrap.

In case you weren't aware, Bush is bringing back the draft! As ridiculous as this notion is, not only is Kerry saying it, he's got his surrogates out preaching to college students about the threat a second(or is it 3rd?) Bush administration poses. AND Not only does he have his "boys" out talking up this nonsense, MTV is on the case. AND they're embracing new technology by spamming colleges. What all these sources fail to mention is HR 163 was introduced by prominent Democrats like Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and John Lewis. That's a little thing I like to call dishonesty.

Other examples include the Dem's claims that Republicans are preparing to suppress the black vote. The party of Lincoln has come a long way. These accusations come from the same party who reportedly had operatives in Florida gleefully tossing out military votes in 2000.

As always, there's the omnipresent Democrat threat that Republicans want all senior citizens destitute. They are either in the process of taking way Medicare, Social Security and probably even their pets if they get a chance.

Of course, when the DNC takes a break from this constructive type of debate, it's usually just to accuse Bush of negative campaigning...right-o.

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