Friday, September 24, 2004

Sound the trumpets!

Two games...TWO GAMES! Well the Rangers did it in dramatic fashion yesterday. Down two in the bottom of the ninth. Then down one with two outs and only a solitary strike left. Yet a guy who was in a oh-fer-23 slump doubles in the two guys on base, and the Rangers find themselves a mere two games out...TWO GAMES! This occurred as I was driving down Greenville Ave. on my way home from work. So if you saw a guy pumping his fist and yelling wildly while trying to keep it in the lane, that might have been me. Two of my buddies called me before I was even able to get home. One had been at the game(yes I'm in a jealous rage) and sounded quite hoarse. It's hard to be in a bad mood when you got good friends and baseball on your side, and I find myself approaching giddy.

Quickly, on the Kerry front. I see this today in the WashPost about the candidate who is now running on an anti-war platform. I will quote the esteemed Senator from Massachusetts reacting after the "U.N. Security Council had just adopted a resolution against Iraq that was watered down at the behest of the French and the Russians." He said:
"We know we can't count on the French. We know we can't count on the Russians," said Mr. Kerry. "We know that Iraq is a danger to the United States, and we reserve the right to take preemptive action whenever we feel it's in our national interest."

Bush couldn't have said it better himself.

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