Thursday, September 16, 2004

"See! We were right all along!"...he says.

Day 7. As someone who's tv viewing habits are haphazard at best, I can consider it only something short of divine intervention that I turned on the picture box at the exact moment the Dan "Believe what I say, not what I show you" Rather interview of Marian Carr Knox began. An article on the CBS "news" site talks about the "extraordinary scrutiny and criticism" placed on these documents. EXTRAORDINARY? Some ordinary scrutiny was placed on them by the public after the story aired. Maybe if any amount of scrutiny had applied, none of this would have occurred. But CBS and Big Dan had a "gotcha" on W, and they had to go, go, go.

So in the interview, Ms. Knox goes on to say that the memos are fake but..BUT the content is true. Now, I'm not saying Ms. Knox is lying. But she is 86 years old and is recounting events that would have occurred 32 years ago. I'm not saying either of those factors precludes her from being able to recount said events, but it does make it less likely. And one other thing, in a Dallas Morning News article Ms. Knox is quoted as saying Mr. Bush is "unfit for office" (OK?) and was "selected, not elected." (WHOA.) The selected not elected chant doesn't usually emanate from a "moderate" or an "undecided".

All this to say that if a someone with similar attributes tried this from the other side, they would be tagged immediately as a "partisan" or a "conservative operative". More likely they wouldn't get on the air. Like say, a 59 year-old Vietnam Vet comes forward with support of over 250 of his fellow soldiers, has footnoted, documented proof of a certain presidential candidate's apparent attempts to misrepresent his military exploits for political gain(which was recently backed up by after-action report penned by said candidate). Does this man get invited to the Today show? "Sorry, we've got that time booked for Kitty Kelly, respected journalist" (Eyes roll)

In a recent development. The possible source of the fake documents has been traced back to a Kinko's in Abilene, TX, by none other than the Washington Post(Thanks, Rick). As chance would have it, I spent four years in that "electric city" (sarcasm people!) attending Hardin-Simmons University. I have been to said Kinko's ("It's a Small World" being sung in the background by a creepy Micky Mouse voice). Apparently, this guy has an axe to grind. Plus, isn't any guy from Baird, TX, who's willing to drive 30 to 45 minutes(one way) to a Kinko's with such frequency that the employees know of him and of his "standing account" a bit of a nut? Maybe I just hate Kinko's...

It's nice to see the WashPost coming around. Unfortunately, many others are still in the circle of wagons. That might work for bows and arrows but I'm afraid that instead they have a 50 ton boulder rolling down the hill.

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