Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things I don't understand #9...

...What all those settings on the dryer mean.
As you can see from the picture on the right, I don't have one of the snazzy all digital clothes dryers that can identify each article of clothing and manage the temperature needed appropriately. I have a simple model. Even so, I have no idea what those settings are supposed to mean for me. I know how I choose to interpret them, but their literal meaning escapes me.

I have 4 choices at my disposal:
1. Timed Dry (High Heat) - I'm pretty sure this one means that whatever is in there will be dried at high heat for the time I set it.
2. Air Dry - Uh... I'm assuming this means no heat will be involved? How would anything ever get dry?
3. Automatic Dry (Low Heat) - Here's where I start getting really confused. It seems I have the choice as to where on the scale I want my clothes to be dried, from very dry to less dry. But what does less dry mean? Less dry than what? Isn't the purpose of this blasted machine to get my clothes dry? And by dry I mean not wet, not damp, no evidence of residual moisture, dry. So what do I do with clothes that are less dry? Take a hair dryer to them? What I end up doing setting it by how wet my clothes are. If they aren't saturated, I set it to less dry. If they make their own puddles, more dry. It seems to work, but I'm still not sure.
4. Automatic Dry (High Heat) - Same as above, except it gets a lot hotter in there. Don't touch any metal buttons when using this setting.

I would like to note that I've been doing my own laundry since I was like six. It's not like I'm new to this; but even so, I would appreciate any help you can offer me here. If that help would include you showing up at my place and washing and drying my clothes, I would not complain. And well...if you choose to also fold those clothes after they come out of the dryer, there could be a marriage proposal waiting on you...presuming you can pass a battery of tests and, you know, not a dude.

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