Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I don't understand #13...

...Why no one bothered to tell me that I had blood on my lip all day yesterday!

For those of you not keeping track of my daily schedule (yes, I know that's 100% of you), I made a trip to the dentist yesterday. Well, I guess more specifically it was to the dental hygienist, although the dentist made an appearance as well. It was just a scheduled teeth cleaning, and who doesn't love that? All in all, it was without incident. Maybe the least painful of my experiences in quite awhile. Unfortunately, anytime two hands, my mouth, and pointy metal cleaning implements come together, there will be blood. And that's what we got. Not very much blood, but blood nonetheless. My appointment ended at about 1:15. I then proceeded to go on with my day, errands and the like. I got home around 4. It wasn't until about 8 last night that after using the restroom, I looked in the mirror as I was washing my hands and thought, "What the crap is that on my face?!" "Why does my lower lip look like it has a big, bloody line dissecting it?" That's because it did.

I actually thought at first I might have cut myself, but me being the absolute genius that I am, was able to slowly piece together the theory that the more likely culprit was the two hands and the metal instruments. It was at that point that I begin to reenact my day and realize all the good people of Dallas I had imposed my bloody lip on throughout that time. The lady at the bookstore who was positive I needed help finding a book, the guy who took my lunch order, the cute girl on aisle 5 of the grocery that I smiled at, the old lady that I moved out of the way of, the cute girl (same one) I smiled at on aisle 7, the checkout lady...and I'm sure there were others. But the question remains, why didn't the hygienist maybe give me a heads up that I had blood lip? Or the dentist himself who I had to sit and wait on for 20 minutes after I was done so he could just take a look at things? (Did you look at my lip!? Did you see the blood!?) A little help would have been nice, is all I'm saying. I'm going to take this as a sign of maturity that I took the news in stride after figuring out I had been walking around looking like idiot for the last 7 hours. I also think it shows that I'm not all that vain since I probably used the bathroom between 3-5 times in those 7 hours and not once did I inspect my face before that. Why couldn't I be more vain!? I guess God just made me that way.

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