Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Super Sportsy Weekend featuring The Opening Day Cavalcade

This last weekend was very sportsy indeed. Not only did we crown a college basketball champion, but I attended not one, but two opening days. Yea for me. For you, this boring run-down of events...with pictures!

Anyhoo, Saturday afternoon was the first game of FC Dallas' season.
It was a fine day for soccer. Even the celebrities were out. Ok, they were marginal celebrities at best. Brandi ChastainBun in the oven, Women's team soccer hero who revolutionized the sports bra and post goal celebrations, was patrolling the sideline looking for someone interesting to interview. I guess she found someone, because, who's that? Pseudo-celebrity #2 Ricardo Antonio Chavira. America's heartthrob? I don't know who that spare is with him, oh wait, they're both spares. Anyway, we got to watch a rousing3-2, come-from-behind win from our the enemyseats behind the visiting teams bench.

On Monday, the story was little different. My traveling companions had changed. The sport, obviously, had changed. So had the quality of our great seatsseats. Easily the worst seats I've ever had for a ballgame there. Oh, and let's not forget the outcome. Bummer. Nonetheless, it was a great day. A day of perfect weather spent at the ballpark always will be. There were no "celebrities" in our section. But the hotdogs easily made up for that...and any other deficiencies of the day. Ahh, baseball. My old friend is back.

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