Thursday, March 30, 2006

A grievous error

What have I done? What have you done? So, I struggle back from my hiatus to be told that I've produced the greatest work of literature since The Pilgrim's Progress. The whole point was: I've got nothing (that should be put on my tombstone, BTW). Ok, maybe that wasn't the point, but now I feel all this pressure. Ok, so maybe I don't feel all this pressure, but if it's 6 weeks until another post shows up you only have yourself to blame...and the fact that I got blackballed from my sunday school class.

About that now legendary email, a couple of notes. One, just in case anyone thought I would, or more importantly could, make up such a thing, I did not. It was cut and pasted directly into this lovely blog. Two, the dude is, I believe, older than me. So his overt and excessive cheesiness cannot be blamed on his youth because if he's as old as I am, he can not lay claim to any. Other possible explanations? Insanity or maybe gayness. Third, just so we're clear. When I say "Gay" I don't mean "homosexual". I just mean that your doing something that might require revocation of your "Man card". This is why any and all Gay/Not Gay scenarios cannot involve women. Women can still get away with using hearts to dot their "i"'s. If a guy pulled that... GAY.

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