Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A machine that just blows

In the past, I've mentioned some devices for which I lack any fondness. Well, there is one that reigns above all the rest in its ability to annoy and be completely useless all at the same time.

The Leaf Blower.

I hate them. I always have. I always will. I've never quite understood how blowing your grass clippings into the middle of the street was an improvement. And moving a pile of whatever with one of these things is nearly impossible and terribly time consuming.

While on my Saturday morning run I came across a "blower". Some dude out in the street trying to assemble piles of grass and dirt with his "power tool". Because this was the hottest Saturday morning in the history of the known universe and I was struggling mightily as I returned to my home, I had stopped for a brief respite. As I did so, I was able to witness the utter futility of it all.

I will never be confused for a "tree-hugger". But is it really necessary to be using a gas powered machine that produces not only fumes aplenty, but the most nerve-racking hum/squeal the world has ever known? Especially when you could do the same thing with an eco-friendly broom. Yes, that's right, a broom! They don't cost $70-$100 dollars and you can actually do a quicker, better job with one. Plus, I’ve never been awakened at 7:45 in the morning by a broom.

All this to say, if you see a guy using a leaf blower, there's only one tool there, and it ain't the blower.

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