Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What did I just hear...and see?

Ok. I doubt very many will care about this, but I just thought it odd, bordering on scandalous. I was sitting at the computer with ESPN on in the background last night when a commercial ran with a song behind it that I thought I recognized. The odd thing was the ad was for Trojan Condoms. It can be seen here. I kept humming it to myself trying to figure out what the song was, until I finally got it. It's actually from an artist featured on the first installment of the music cavalcade, Shaun Groves. The song is "After the Music Fades" off his first album. The possible scandalous aspect is he's a Christian artist. So I listen to the commercial a couple more times and then his song. They are not the same. The words are different. BUT...if you slow down the song a bit the music, I think, is identical. I've isolated the chorus so you can listen to it here.

Am I the only one who hears the similarity? Do you think Shaun Groves or his record label might care? And why would a condom company think, "Hey, I know, let's use Christian music in our commercial to maximize the possibility of offending someone?"
Just curious.

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