Monday, August 08, 2005

Soccer History

We came(3 hours early). We tailgated. We saw the first game at the luxerious new Pizza Hut Park. The stadium, though no where near completion, is (or will be) nice. The pitch (that's the field for all you soccer neophytes) was perfect. Two early goals, one on a cheeky backheal shot by Ruiz had the sense that this might be a magical night. In the end, the dreaded tie, kiss your sister, etc.

Despite all the hiccups, the oddest one being I did not see one trashcan the entire time I was there, I think the fans went home generally happy. They had been treated to a great game in a park that most can't wait to get back to.

What may be most impressive is that Frisco, freaking Frisco that was podunk 3A school when I was in high school, now houses a another professional sports team in a revolutionary facillity that will provide for many generations of children. If my numbers are correct, that ties Frisco with Dallas. Except Dallas only has one top-notch facility and will probably never host the world renown tournament again.

Dallas. The Can't Do City.

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