Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Music Avalance, Pt.2

More albums that are new to me (and maybe me alone).

Radiant* - The Sound of Splitting Atoms (2005) Local band with Christian leanings, or that's the rumor. Some think this could make them big. I might agree. Rating:

Wilco - Yankee Foxtrot Hotel (2002) For all the talk about how the label didn't want to release this, I was left wondering why. It's a good album. Not near as weird as I expected. Rating:

Wilco - A Ghost is Born (2004) I think this record is very similar to the previous...except for one thing. Let the freaking song end already! I get it. You (Wilco) are smarter than me. That's why 11 minutes of noise at the end of a song is so genius. But it's still 11 minutes of noise. Rating:

Slobberbone - Crow Pot Pie (2001) Another local act that never made it big... but probably should have. Rollicking, well-written alt-country fun. Rating:

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