Monday, July 11, 2005


Sometimes you think the public at large might be stupid. Sometimes you even start to believe it. Then, there are those times when they go ahead and shock you with overwhelming proof. Saturday night, Kenny Rogers made his first start at home since the incident. Saturday night, Kenny Rogers got a standing ovation from the fans. Huh? Fans cheer Kenny Rogers (lower right) as he warms up in the bullpen. Excuse me? The same guy who attacked two cameramen without provocation and then took a week to decide an apology was appropriate. That Kenny Rogers? Indeed. Vomit, vomit, vomit. See that lady giving the thumbs up? Idiot. The one next to her clapping? Idiot. The one next to her cheering and waving a scarf? Idiot. Anyone who stood and cheered. Idiots.
It would be one thing had Kenny's attack been provoked. It would have been another if Kenny had been speaking to the press in good faith (he hasn't all year) and then been treated unfairly. I would have even changed the situation had he chosen to throw himself at the mercy of the league and the fans the day after. None of these things occurred. Instead, he lost his mind and attacked two guys that had nothing to do with his perceived suffering. They did not suggest he was using his hand as an excuse not to pitch, members of the Rangers organization did. They had no say as to Kenny's new contract...or how he's botched past negotiations. They did not ram his hand into a cooler. But they learned their lesson anyway.

Kenny Rogers hands a ball to a young fan before Saturday night's game against Toronto.What sickens me is that Kenny did not. The fans? Well here's what Kenny said after his reception on Saturday, "It was very moving for me. I didn't give the fans enough credit for what they know and understand. They've seen me play the game for 20 years. They know what I'm all about. I should have never addressed the other stuff that was put out there." I join him in not giving the fans much credit. Apparently, they bought this...

And now...NOW...Kenny's going to play in the All-Star game. Hopefully, someone there will have enough sense to boo him. Vomit...

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