Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I wish it weren't so TRUE.COM


Ok, I thought I had seen it all, or at least all of them. The adverts for True.com and their dating service. You remeber that story, don't you? With the pictures? Ok, good. Well anyway, I ran across a new one today. I was dumfounded. It features an attractive young lass (SHOCKING) wearing nothing but a pair of jeans lying (or is it laying? No, it's definitely lying) in the grass. She also features a very welcoming smile (SHOCKING). It should be at the bottom of the page with the rest of them but you can see the banner ad only here. The best part is the text or as they say in the biz, "the copy". "Discover what true love feels like." Uh-huh. For some reason I get the notion that the "feels like" has nothing to do with emotion as it relates to this ad.

We've all heard it a million times; "Sex sells." I wish that weren't the case. Or I guess, more to the point, I wish it wasn't so effective on yours truly. In a sense it wasn't effective (I am making fun of the ads) for I would never consider using such a service. Knowing that... and understanding the obvious intent of the ads... and knowing that this is just a model... and knowing that no such girl exists just waiting for a spare like me to come calling, my initial gut reaction to the ad was, "Click on it! CLICK ON IT NOW!" And I consider myself of sufficient intelligence and willpower. I might be fooling myself, but my guess is that lots of guys are getting fooled.

When the page loaded -- with this small banner ad at the bottom-- my eyes were immediately drawn there. And before I could even figure out at what exactly I was looking and what its purpose was, lust made an appearance. I'm not proud of it, but what's a guy supposed to do. I was just trying to check my email, next thing I know I've got a hot, topless girl smiling at me. (And of course, her head is sorta sideways so you have to rotate your head to try to get a good feel for what she actually looks like...FYI still hot.) Is this just a malady suffered by the male of the species? I almost think, to some degree, it is. I rarely ever see an ad for a product used primarily by females featuring hunky guys. If that's the case, I guess I should be on the verge of hating myself...except that I thank God every day I'm not a girl.

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