Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hello from the other side of the world

OK, first things first. That game on Monday sucked to high holy. Does it greatly decrease the possibility of the US playing more than 3 games? Uh, yes. But that doesn't necessarily mean they´re bad. We knew it would be a tough group and a European team doesn´t get to be ranked second in the world (Czech Rep.) by accident.

Now on the other things that I´m sure no one really cares about (except maybe my mom --more on her later). Everything´s been pretty good so far. The hotels have been tolerable. The buddy. The week before we left, the highs over here were in the 60´s. We´ve seen nothing below 85. And in a continent that thinks air conditioner is something you use in the bathroom after losing that bout with Turkish food (We did and I did), 85 is pretty freaking hot.

Amsterdam was pretty cool. The food´s awful and the whores are a little pushy (that probably deserves more explanation than I have time for right now), but it´s a fine place, though I don´t what I would have done had we spent a third day there.

Brussels? Also, excellent in it´s own way. I have one word for you: Brussels Waffle with cream and chocolat sauce. Ok, it´s more than one but, in reality, sonnets and epics should be written about such things. Let´s just say I averaged more than one per day we were there.

Germany´s been great so far. Despite the result of the game, possible one of the most enjoyable times I had so far was on the train ride back when I sat with 3 Brits and a Scot and talked soccer and every other American sport they could think of. I don´t know if it´s just the accent, but why their ability to make me laugh was actually quit painful.

In the celebrity siting arena: Mia Hamm walked right by me after the game, possibly talking to Nomar.

Well, as you can see, no matter what continent I´m on I still got nothin. Plus, I only had a couple of minutes and this keyboard has crayz German stüff on it.

Oh, as for my mom, it´s her birthday today. So, put out you flag and call and wish her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
Love you all.
I´m out.

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