Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hello again

Honestly, I don´t know why I do this for you people. I´m in some internet "cafe" in München (that´s Munich to the rest of us) sweating to death (see previous a/c comment) for you. If you´re reading this you should take time to write a poem about me...or maybe a song. Preferably of the "love" variety, folks.

So anyway, If you didn´t watch that Italy game I must never talk to you again. OK, maybe not, but that was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, sports or otherwise. If your saying what´s so great about a 1-1 tie, well tell me that to my face when I get back and we can trade harsh words. Things I can now cross of my "Stuff to do before I die list". Taunt an Italian at a soccer game and watch him have to just stand there and take it... Ok, it´s just one, but it´s a pretty big one if you ask me. I´m sure there are other things but they just doesn´t come to mind.

As always, I´ve got nothin and my hour is about to run out, plus the guy next to me just lit up a ciggy. Hello? Looking for oxygen here.


Farky, World adventurer...and soccer hulligan.

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