Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Fat "I´m Sorry"

Ok, so you know I was out of the country for my mom´s birthday. Thus, I wasn´t able to attend any "party". I also, sadly, failed in an attempt to call. I did try. But our hotel only had one phone (yeah, you read that right) and for some reason it wanted a code I could not supply (and no, it was not the international code). So, I´m a failure. Part 2. I woke up this morning (Monday) and realized that yesterday was Father´s day. I´m pretty sure this marks the first time (I hope it is) that I missed both my mom´s b-day and father´s day. A couple of excuses which I´m sure you will swat out to half court: 1) I was the only member of our traveling party to realize we had missed father´s day. 2) I didn´t forget that it was Father´s day, I forgot that it was Sunday. I´m willing to admit that that´s probably not the best alternative, but it´s amazing how quickly you lose track of the days of the week when you´re a)in a different country and b) not going to work. They all run together. I´ve had to ask at least a half-dozen times already, "What day is it?" It´s not funny except for the fact that it is. Except for my dad, who obviously deserves more. For that I say," Happy Father´s Day!" and submit this as my formal apology. Dad, I´m sorry and I love you, even in Germany.

In other news. Last night we watched the Australia v. Brazil in a "braühaus" with a lot of Australians. Always, fun. Tonight we watched a game at a Biergarten in the Englisher Garten. I´m not saying I had a bier, or a beer, or a braü, but I will say that the chicks seemed to get hotter the longer we stayed. Can anyone explain that?

Oh, gelato is readily available here for less that a dollar a scoop. So I have at least one new habit...mums the word on any others. I must go now. Once again, I expect sonnets in my honor. Note the counter at the left for when to tune into US v Ghana. I´ll be there, the least you can do is watch.

God bless and remember...what is it?

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