Thursday, March 03, 2005

Because he told me so...

Although it been a couple of months, the campaigns should still be somewhat fresh in our heads. In the one for President, one guy stood up and said that elections in Iraq would happen and that once the Middle East got an up-close-and-personal look at democracy they would not stand to be oppressed while living the fascist experience. The other guy said he was dreaming if he though the elections would go off so soon. I would imagine he thought the idea of democracy spreading even more ridiculous since I can't tell if he's a big fan of it here. Well, they happened. Iraq is on a road to democracy. Then some people start making noise and we've got a new government in Lebanon. There are rumors that Iranians are getting a strong itch, as well. Times...they are a changin'. Check out this article on the topic. I must admit. I thought democracy spreading through the Middle East would be a plodding process...if it happened at all. But dangit if that guy who can't even talk right isn't coming up roses again.

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