Thursday, March 10, 2005

Me v. Jim Wallis

This will probably run off the only two people who occasionally read this woeful blog, but I have made a decision. Or maybe I'm heeding a call. It seems that the websites I frequent, the people I talk to, the blogs I read; all find time to sing the praises of Jim Wallis, his new book God and Politics (there's a subtitle, but I'm lazy) and generally anything put out by Sojourners (a.k.a. Jim Wallis). Many Christians, especially those 35 and under, are finding just what they are looking for in big Jim's writings. Basically, biblically justified liberalism. Now they can go to Starbucks and Half-Price books and fit in! So over the next few days...ok, probably weeks I will take time to find all the ways Jim leaves me wanting. Some of the possible titles of posts over this time could be:
"Jim Wallis neither understands politics nor God"
"Why God is a Republican"
"Hi, I'm Jim Wallis, where's my money?"
"Robin Hood: Great folklore, bad basis for government philosophy"
"If one person giving is good, how can everyone giving be bad?"
"Exactly how many times did Jesus accuse fellow believers of treason?"
"Are the unborn and mass murderers morally equivalent?"
"Jim Wallis and Oprah. Who's more likely to be the anti-Christ?"
...and many others.

So stayed tuned.

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