Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Day of Miracles

It seems that today is now becoming more remembered as the day of this miracle, instead of the one that produced the father of this nation. There's a nice little write-up here. (It's not long. I promise it won't hurt...you can do it.) I'm tempted to rant, or at least lament the fact that what was once a holiday to honor the man had to be combined with another one of a fairly influential commander-in-chief to produce yesterday's ambiguously nondescript day off. But I won't. No one cares but me...

Moving on...briefly. I don't feel enough people fully understand the depravity and utter uselessness of the United Nations. Wait, it's worse than useless it seems, detrimental, yes, let's go with that. Top-level officials getting handsy is one thing. But your "peacekeepers" requiring sex from pre-pubescent girls for two eggs or a loaf of bread is quite another. You can do the former and we might still elect you President, but the latter has me thinking one might deserve a little less prestigious station. Like...oh...I don't know...Hell? And not the comfortable Hell, either. My theology may be a little off there, but God is a just God so surely He's got something worked up. Provided my prayers for they're souls don't work....of course. Oh, and lest you just think the "peacekeepers" in this story are some over-the-edge soldiers, the civilian "senior UN worker Didier Bourguet, who was thought to be among the worst offenders..." was caught red-handed.

What else does the U.N. need to do to prove its ineffectiveness? Let a vicious dictator rule for over a decade while ignoring threats of action....oh wait...and then assist said dictator in laundering money while keeping a chunk for yourself? Allow genocide of the highest order to go on in Africa?...Dangit (Of course you would have to ask, "Which time?"). Funding terrorist activities?...I promise I'll find one sooner or later.

But until then...

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