Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things I don't understand #20...

...why asparagus makes your...uh...you know...your pee smell funny.
I'm sure half of you are saying,"Oh, yeah. That's true. Why does that happen?" The other half of you are probably thinking I'm just about as crazy as you already assumed I was. If you weren't aware, it's true, this very odd side effect. I discovered it several years ago. I had just had a side of the green veggie with a meal. It was probably the first time I had any measurable quantity. The next morning, I noticed it. If you don't know what it smells like, it's hard to explain. It's just weird, kind of sweet but kind of sour. In any case, it's quite strong. I freaked out. I immediately ran to my computer to search the interwebcom.net to try to figure out which type of cancer or bird flu caused your urine to attack your olfactory senses in such an outrageous fashion. I then noticed in one of my searches something about asparagus. It was then that I was reminded (have I ever mentioned I'm a genius?) that I had enjoyed the dish just hours earlier. What I found put me at ease, but didn't really quell my confusion.

Get this. Not only do they(doctors or the such) say that only about 50% of humans experience this phenomenon, but they really have no idea what causes it. So it's also something they don't understand (I wonder what number this is in the scientific community?). There's even something odder than that. Sure they don't know what causes it; but even more so, they(quacks) are not even sure if the asparagus changes the odor of the urine for 50% or if only 50% of us can smell it. Thanks a lot guys. Good luck curing cancer.

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