Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Looking a Gift Horse in the ...?

Ok, as I write this, it is 11:30 am. I am now over 20 hours into my 40-hour workweek. I have yet to be assigned a new task...for the week. The average is about 3 a day. My tally for the week still sits at ZERO.

Positives? I have had to do very little work-- I've done some, just on stuff from last week. Fully caught up on blogs and newspaper. New minesweeper record (well, on this computer at least).

Negatives? Will someone (i.e. my boss, or worse yet, my boss' boss) realize, or at least contemplate, "We don't need this guy"? Getting bored. Possible carpal tunnel from minesweeper marathon.

Nonetheless, I will not worry. I will not glance at any part of the gift horse's anatomy.

Oh, why yes, you do get another quote from Deadwood:
Jack McCall, on realizing he's drawn the ire of a notorious gunfighter: "Should we shake hands or something, relieve the atmosphere. I mean how stupid do you think I am?"
Wild Bill Hickok: "I don't know, I just met you."

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