Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Knowing Nod

After a weekend at home being regaled by tales from my dearest mother and my sister regarding the attending of a baby shower and the ins and outs of female conversation and lack thereof, I was left much relieved that I was born of the masculine persuasion. I take great comfort in the fact that a complete discourse between two men can be replaced without loss of understanding or feeling by what Mike Rhyner has dubbed "the knowing nod".

Instead of verbalizing, "Thanks for the drink," a perfect substitute? Knowing nod.
Greeting at doorway of restaurant, office, mailbox? Anywhere really. Knowing nod.
You don't need a hand written thank-you note. What do you need? Knowing nod.
"That was very gentlemanly of you to let me out of the turn only lane." Knowing nod.
"Nice putt." Knowing nod.
"Glad you put that loud-mouthed drunk in his place." Knowing nod.
"What's the score?" Knowing nod. (In direction of TV set with said game)
As the AMC theater is always ready to note...
Silence Is Golden® (Yes, they claim to have it trademarked.)

And now our daily feature on quotes harvested from Deadwood concerning politics (or anything else I find interesting).

"If we're going to be surprised by that, boys—government being government—will we next be shocked by the rivers running and the trees casting f---ing shade?"

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