Monday, February 14, 2005

Give up...

Well, I'm gonna try something new. Basically, try not to be so married to the essay. I fatigue easily. Plus, at least there will be something here with a date attached that's within two weeks of today's date.

Couple of things.

One. The blogs have done it again. A CNN executive had to resign because he said some things he shouldn't have and the blogs found out and wouldn't let it go. Here's a pretty decent rundown of how things went down. This is just one more in the long line of reasons that everything that happens at a major media outlet should be questioned. If not for the reason that some of the guys seem to have some very un-American ideas, then for the mere fact that reporters at these institutions found out about this story after I did.

Two. Just read this. American needs to protect itself because no one else seems to be able to completely commit to this whole liberty thing.

Three. (Random office happening) This morning at the coffeepot, my boss filled his cup, then I mine. This left the only non-decaffeinated pot with one cup worth of coffee. I began dutifully refilling the maker so a fresh pot could be brewed. As I was doing so, a fellow employee walked up, cup in hand. He struck up a conversation with my boss as he waited for me to exit the area. As this is going on, another fellow employee approaches, steps in front of the other guy and around me, grabs a cup, and proceeds to finish off the pot and walks away. I was semi-shocked. As someone who has been tagged at times as a grade-A jackass, I would never do such a thing, and if I got so far as pouring the cup, I would offer it up or apologize profusely for my inconsiderate actions. So the question is: does this mean maybe I don't rise to the level of upper jack-assdom, or… am I just second?

Oh well. Gotta go. You should probably go buy some candy or flowers or something.

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