Monday, January 31, 2005

A failure and a disgrace

Hello. Sorry. I am not always good at certain things. One might be writing for an audience that doesn't exist, but I promise to try harder.

Now, on to the news of the moment. In a country far across the sea, an election was just held. Let the poo-pooing begin. Everyone line up and tell me why this is just a mirage of success. Yes, that's me smiling with my fingers crammed in my ears. Anyone who attempts to paint this negatively sounds like an utter foot to me. Iraq, a country who was the direct antithesis of free less than two years ago is now one giant step closer to liberty. The road from liberated to liberty is not complete... and no one said it would be easy... but, gosh darnit, if that Bush fellow wasn't right. Even as the media "experts" and his horse-faced opponent rolled their eyes when he looked into the camera and assured the world that Iraqis would vote before Feb. 1, he stuck to it. That country -- or should I say new country? -- owes a great debt to the American soldier who carried out the wishes of it's commander in chief. And if this thing turns out like it could, the whole world might owe a great debt to American and its "dim-witted" leader. Call me partisan or call me overly optimistic, but if the rest of my life is filled with foreign policy failures and military quagmires like this the world will be a much better place when I leave it.

There are still those calling it a failure. Ok, maybe they won't say failure, because they know how foolish they would sound, but they're still hoping to be able to use their "Vietnam Similarities" cheat sheet a year from now. Yesterday a whole lot of people not only risked their lives to vote, but they got dressed up to do it. I was about to say if only those in my country could have that sort of attitude towards voting, but then I read stuff like this, and a 50% turnout doesn't seem so bad.

One other item that's all over the news. Germany has so many screwed up laws that women could get forced into prostitution? And we still care about their opinion because...? They really have issues with this whole free will thing, don't they.

So...were you entertained? neither....

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