Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I don't understand #67...


So I stumbled upon this video and as I watched the questions just kept flooding into my mind:
1. What bride would actually go through with this? Sure, I've known some who had crazy ideas, but none of them ever had the guts to pull the trigger. And of all my friends, I can only think of one who would consider this lever of insanity.
2. How did she talk all the groomsmen into doing it? (And after watching, some of the bride maids must have been reluctant as well. At least they should have been) Had someone come to me at the rehearsal and said, "Oh, by the way Jason, we would really like it if you could shimmy, step, and strut your way down the aisle, you know, R&B style," I can't imagine my reaction would have affirmed either their choice in method of entry or groomsman.
3. Speaking of rehearsals. How many did this take?
4. What song is this? (It's "Forever" by Chris Brown. Is that ironic considering his relationship "issues"?)
5. How is it that the short, pudgy guy always seems to be the best dancer? (At least in white circles) I knew I should have taken advanced physics in college.
6. Why can't I stop watching? (Yeah, something about white people and dancing for five straight minutes.)
7. Why couldn't I have been in a wedding where I didn't have to wear a jacket? Texas + summer + jacket = sweat. Lots and lots of sweat.(Did I mention the time I almost passed out during a wedding?)
8. What's the grandmother of the groom thinking?
9. Didn't the bride need to give us a bit more? I mean, c'mon Jill, after what you just put your friends through, everyone should be involuntarily induced into a Fame flashback as you come down the aisle. Or at least think you shared a secret wish of being a featured dancer on Soul Train.

Also, I think there's a couple of things to be learned from this video.
1. Commitment to the bit, any bit, is vital to the success of the bit. The first guy down the aisle was all in, and that's the only way to make sure it doesn't go from funny to sad.
2. Most all of life is enhanced to the backdrop of a good dance beat.
3. Should I ever get married, watch out.

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