Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sportsy Fruity Quickie Hitty Stuff

Quick Hits, because wasting someone's time should be done in moderation.

#1. The Cowboys completed a dramatic comeback late Monday night (unless you were on the East coast). Despite that fact a loss would probably be better for the longterm benefit of the team, I found myself quite pleased with the outcome. The scoring of 14 points in the last 1:45 was an very improbable outcome. The first time the Cowboys had ever pulled such a feat, and apparently the biggest late minute comeback in Monday Night Football history. Regardless, as Shaun Alexander strolled into the endzone with 2:53 left in the game to put the Cowboys down 10, I still "knew" that a comeback was not out of the question. Being a fan makes you so stupid. But that still doesn't mean you can't be right. Go Cowboys!

#2. Related to said game(sorta). I needed to go to the grocery store on Monday, but there is a Cowboy's game on. What to do? Well, as soon as the second quarter ended I hit "Pause" on the trusty DVR. Returned from the store about an hour later. Then I watched the rest of the game, every play, and caught back up before the game even ended. God bless the Digital Video Recorder. It may be the first piece of technology that actually makes me more productive. Most guys just watched a game in that 4-hour span. I watched a game and had a successful shopping trip. My mom would be so proud...

#3. More on the BcS (because, well, when you got this dead horse just sitting there what are you gonna do?). For a system that pays 14 million a game and is designed to provide us with the best match-ups, you'd think they be able beat out the Liberty Bowl. Using a very complex formula that takes the combined BCS rankings of the two teams and sees who's is the lowest, I find that the Fiesta's 27 is worse than three bowls. The Liberty (19), the Outback (24), and the Capital One (23) are all better. And yes, the combined payout of those three games will be less than that paid to Utah and Pittsburgh.

#4 Apple report card #2. Today's apple is the Golden Delicious. If the name didn't clue you in, it's yellow. I also noticed on the label, after consuming of course, that it says it's "Sweet & Tender". Sweet I like. And it was. Tender? Not so much. It was almost mushy. I prefer to have my apple be a bit crispier. I may have erred for I usually keep my apples refridgerated until time, but this one was a room temperature when consumed. Overall, I still liked it, it just wouldn't be my first choice.


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